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Past Speakers

Andrew Limouris

Chief Executive Officer of Medix
Founded in 2001, Medix is a leading provider of workforce solutions for clients and candidates across the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology industries. The Chicago-based staffing firm helps individuals find the right jobs and companies find the right talent. Medix is dedicated to showing up for its clients, talent and people. “I founded Medix based on the mission and purpose of positively impacting lives. As Medix’s CEO, I lead the organization in being more than just a traditional staffing firm with innovative hiring solutions. I have worked to ensure that we achieve our core purpose of positively impacting 20,000 lives by formalizing that purpose in Medix’s DNA. This core purpose is rooted in everything that Medix does within operating the business, forging relationships and running our teams. At Medix, we look beyond resumes to get to the heart of candidates’ competencies and skills. We find talent the right job, instead of sticking them in empty seats. As a result, our clients in the healthcare, science and IT industries enjoy the benefits of satisfied employees, increased revenue and unified teamwork. Medix has developed into one of the largest and fastest-growing staffing agencies in America. I truly believe that giving people a real purpose – something beyond financial gain – leads to great accomplishment, and improves a company’s bottom line in the process. My book Won with Purpose details my efforts to cultivate a deeper purpose within teams as both President and CEO of Medix and as a youth football coach.”