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Past Speakers

Elke Jones

Chief Strategy Officer of GMR, an Omnicom Company

Elke leads GMR’s team of global strategists and market research, leveraging data and culture to unearth unspoken human needs that become experience-based solutions for mega-brand marketing challenges. Elke believes that a brand is an experience the moment it is born so crafting impactful strategies that generate autobiographical memories that change how humans think, feel and behave is critical to brand love. She leads the creation of GMR’s proprietary IP, including GMR’s Experiential EQ research and an experience marketing ROI model. With more than 15 years at GMR, Elke also oversees the agency’s global brand, communications and culture initiatives, such as GMR Gives Back and Beers & Gears.

Event Takeaways

  • Having access and exposure to key leaders or mentors during our formative leadership years is important to have, along with building a strong network.
  • Understanding the matrix of constructive vs. deconstructive and professional vs. personal feedback.
  • Prioritizing self-care - we are all human, and as leaders, we set the behaviors and tone for our teams to know it's important and needed.
  • Digging deep and focusing on the positives, no matter the situation.
  • Embracing and expressing our unique identity, quirks and all.