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Past Speakers

Michael Chitwood

Founder and Executive Director of Team World Vision

Michael Chitwood has been working with World Vision for 14 years. He is the founder of a ministry program called Team World Vision, that invites people to run on behalf of children and communities impacted by abject poverty. Over the course of his career, Michael led Team World Vision to become the fastest growing endurance charity program in the U.S. Three years ago, Michael’s role expanded as he became the Executive Director of Church and Ministry Partnerships for World Vision U.S., leading a team of around 75 staff at World Vision US that partner with churches to address issues of global poverty.

Michael’s passion to take on big challenges on behalf of those living in poverty has driven him to complete countless marathons, 7 Ironman triathlons, and 10 ultramarathons including a 100-mile run. In 2015, Michael released his first book called “The Ability to Endure”.  Michael lives in Oak Park, IL, just out side of Chicago, with his wife Dani and their five-year-old son Cruz.

Event Takeaways

  • Find your calling, something greater than yourself. What is wrong in the world that you can't live with?
  • Stepping through fear takes practice, in both personal and professional lives. The worst that can happen can be no worse than not trying. 
  • Evaluate yourself using the Talent vs. Trouble Spectrum; your level of "talent" has to be greater than the "trouble" you bring. If your trouble is offsetting the balance, you are not bringing value.
  • Build your leadership team with those who are hungry, humble and smart; for Michael, he also looks for those on the journey of diversity awareness.

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